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Plan your move and can greatly help you avoid many headaches.

Here are some tips to help you .

 Predict how many boxes you'll need and the equipment has needed packing your belongings.
Allow yourself to move your pets and plants.

1 week before moving:

Allow a way to transport your pets and items that the movers can not take with them. (Tank of gasoline or propane).

 Disassemble furniture or removing fragile glass that could be broken for the packaged separately.

1 day before the move:

So that your belongings are well protected, good packaging is essential. 

To do this, obtain the necessary equipment and adequate. It is better to increase your boxes by taping the bottom cross. The contents of the boxes must be compact to avoid crushing them. The tagging is important for you and for

For your convenience, the content must be clearly written on each box and its destination inside the housing.

Put what you need right away at the end of that truck unloading it is put aside. Defrost the freezer to avoid damage that could injure other items and empty the fridge.

The day of your move:

Make sure to be there when the movers arrive to avoid loss of time and try to provide a parking space to avoid the truck blocking the street. If you are unable to be there, expect that someone will be there.

Check the condition of your furniture when they are made in the truck and the left one.

Be sure to check the contract to make sure the movers have a new address and phone number to reach you in case of need.

Be prepared to pay the driver with cash or certified check, certified.

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